Bitcoin Trading Leaders Collaborate to Draw More Institutional Investors

Bitcoin has seen a sudden break in its long-time bearish market, climbing up to $7K over the last week and bringing a new bullish attitude towards the market and coin. Since Bitcoin has crawled out of its previous lows, major trading firms are joining hand in hand to present more appealing investment opportunities to attract industrial investors.

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Despite Bitcoin’s downtrend, the coin has managed to skyrocket past $7000 and has displayed a more promising future with the potential to climb even higher. In light of this, convincing major financial institutions to invest in the coin is the next step. Without proper regulations in place, these big-time companies have remained quiet on their plans. To tackle the current situation, handing over evidential and transparent information on liquidity.

TrueDigital Holdings, a massive digital currency exchange is joining many other crypto businesses to create two indices for Bitcoin and Ether. On the 19th of July, trueDigital said that the company’s bidding and offering rates from leading cryptocurrency institutes consist of automatic protective measures against manipulation. Adamant policies continue to monitor possible manipulation and overlook criminal partners contributing on a consistent basis as part of the IOSCO methods.

Sunil Hirani, Chief Executive Officer of trueEX stated that the same rates can provide a platform for ETF or futures as they absorb data from market setters. A collaboration between trueDigital and other players include Circle, XBTO, Altonomy and more. Genesis Trading, a leading over-the-counter company is contributing to the initiative through data of their own.


Sunil Hirani stresses on the fact that many businesses and companies are looking to invest in the cryptocurrency market. He notes that the global market is in dire need of proper regulatory frameworks and systems that investors from big industrial institutes are wanting

TrueEx, as a means of drawing in large-asset investors, released a regulated market for cryptocurrencies. Under the trueDigital name, contracts will be aimed at Bitcoin NDF’s and be settled in the USD. Risk VP at ED&F, Brooks Dudley, explained that NDF’s are the next right move for big-time investors seeking to join in on the Bitcoin and crypto markets.

2 years ago

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