Bitcoin Surges in Just Two Weeks in NYSE

As the whales of investment are starting to fund digital coins, bitcoin, which is the leading cryptocurrency, surged to 6.8% to 6,606.18 USD in New York in just two weeks on Monday after remaining stagnant at about 2% since the beginning of July. Competing coins namely Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum also surged to no less than 5%.

According to a news report, The American Billionaire, Steven A. Cohen, decided to invest in crypto and blockchain companies. And, Europe is taking interest in cryptocurrencies as the owner of SIX Stock Exchange in Zurich announced that it is building a digital assets trading platform.

How Cryptocurrency is Being Recognized in the Investment World

BlackRock Inc (an American global investment management corporation) is said to be looking into the likelihood of advising its clients to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, it’s CEO and Chairman, Larry Fink, announced in an interview that they are only monitoring cryptocurrencies’ performance in the market but, their clients haven’t pursued investing in them yet. He added that they will probably start looking into advising their clients to invest in cryptocurrencies when they start having a more reliable nature in the investment world.

Additionally, one of the strongest institutes of financial investment professional (CFA Institute) is adding some subject matters on cryptocurrencies to its syllabus effective next year, which can be considered as evidence of how cryptocurrency is steadily progressing into the financial investment world.

2 years ago

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