Bitcoin Officially Listed as Authorized Scrabble Word

If anything, Bitcoin’s recent listing as an official word in the Official Scrabble Players’ Dictionary shows that the currency is making waves in mainstream society. The crypto giant made it on the popular game’s list of authorized, playable words after being chosen by experts at Merriam Webster.

The news comes as 300 new words were officiated into Scrabble’s official dictionary amongst many contemporary terms like “emoji” and “OK”.


The term ‘bitcoin’ will earn players at least eleven points and up to 116 given that you are able to achieve double or triple scores, amongst other bonuses. Avid players and reviewers took to social media to express their support or anger at the inclusion of the term, with crypto investors excited at the mainstream acceptance.

Bitcoin isn’t the only crypto-related word to find its way into the game- “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” are some of the few that joined the official ranks.

2 years ago

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