Bitcoin Gold Releases New and Upgraded Crypto-Wallet

After the permanent divergence in Bitcoin’s blockchain earlier, BTG has announced the release of its new wallet, designed to accommodate and facilitate all the normal processes of a Bitcoin wallet prior to the upgrade.


Bitcoin Gold announced that all its registered users should switch to the new wallet the company designed to operate with the new changes placed. After its hard fork took place, also the first for the BTG, developers installed new protective measures to ensure a zero-chance attack and reduce the number of users mining on the currency with the use of ASIC technology.

Referring to the newly upgraded wallet as its production version, the company explained that hardware wallets were not yet supported on the latest upgraded version due to the hard fork. While originally planned to be released alongside the latest version, the release was delayed to ensure full support and function of the new network.

Currently, the new version provides all the previous features of older wallets including offline asset storage.


Bitcoin Gold released its own version of the EBC wallet and operates through a protocol known as SVP, a means of bypassing the need to ensure the validity of every single transaction and the need to download and keep BTG’s entire blockchain on a computer.

Using personal addresses, BTG validates and verifies every transaction using the simple payment method of verification to contain itself to each user’s computer and facilitate faster and more reliable transactions. 

As a means of fighting complete monopolization of mining operations, BTG was launched to provide every user, including your everyday miner, with the ability to process these funds from their own computers.

2 years ago

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