Bitcoin Establishes New Milestone with 2.5 Million Wallets Created

Bitcoin has made an unparalleled achievement of creating more than 2 million native wallets in under a year. said that since its creation, the website has dedicated every resource and asset to ensure that every user is provided the proper attention and that the new wallet will be incredibly easy to use.


The Wallet

The wallet was released last year in August following the company’s blockchain separation earlier in the month. Acting as a platform for Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core, the light protocol introduced has skyrocketed in favor and 2.5 million created wallets is an achievement unlike any other, especially during the small window of just under a year. attributes the positivity towards its wallet given its simplicity and user-friendly system as well as its international functionality, allowing asset transfers on a global scale. The wallet is also incredibly secure and permits users to save their addresses securely and privately. 

Providing countless services other than cryptocurrency transfers for users, the wallet is attached to’s state of the art blockchain which allows complete verification of any transfer by a user. Purchasing Bitcoin has also never been easier through the company’s client. Multi-user wallets are also available, utilizing multiple digital signatures or keys to access. Additionally, wallet users can seamlessly switch between both cryptocurrencies through shapeshifting tech.

New Achievement

Alfonso Rocha, the wallets manager, has expressed joy towards the success of’s client and praised the eleven-month achievement, stating that it was a new precedent for the web portal.

He explained that the company’s number of wallets created is exceptional and proves the utility it provides through its many features and is essentially the most ideal storage unit for BCH. He adds that customers and clients alike have instilled their trust in Bitcoin.

The wallet is also an open-source, meaning its source code is publically and constantly available to any user. The client is also available on many operating systems including iOS, Windows, and Android, making it the ultimate wallet for BHC and BTC alike. 

Among the countless features provided by the wallet are multiple accounts per wallet, increased security through multiple signature requirements, and much more. All features are designed to cater to every possible need a user has.

2 years ago

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