Bitcoin Diamond Sees Double Its Value on HitBTC

While no significant gains or losses have happened this weekend on the crypto-market, the total market cap is slowly making its way up to $280B, albeit a weak approach and no direct future path. Alternative coins are making a small comeback with a few positive gains although as it seems like Bitcoin Diamond is pulling out the biggest wins this weekend.

Steady Roll

Through the weekend, Bitcoin has pushed against its $7400 resistance, breaking through to $7450, a minor gain of almost 2 percent. Should the coin see more purchases, another climb to the $8K mark is possible. On the other hand, Ethereum has barely moved with small gains hardly holding it over its current price of $465.

With more positive news, alternative coins are seeing positive green scaling with Steller in the lead with a 7 percent gain. Stellar Lumens or XLM is trading at $0.295 and has climbed over LTC as the sixth major cryptocurrency. Stellar has seen huge gains since last week, drawing in 27 percent with Bitcoin climbing an additional 5 percent. 

ADA has also seen a small climb of 4 percent while the rest of the top ten alternative coins are seeing gains between 2 to 3 percent. In terms of the top twenty leading altcoins, Tezos has gained the most, climbing 4.5 percent and trading at $2.22 on the market. 0x, a decentralized exchange solution has also upped itself around 7.5 percent.

Emerging at the top, Bitcoin Diamond has seen a massive climb of 60 percent in one day. BCD saw a huge climb in price from its previous $2.27 value to $4.70 in only ten minutes. As of now, it’s dropped slightly, resting at $3.5. Bitcoin Diamond’s massive climb was a result of its HitBTC listing and was covered on Nasdaq, Yahoo Fin, and more. 

OKEx, another leading exchange overshadows Bitcoin Diamond trading covering 18 percent of its volume cap. Houbi and Binance, other distinguished crypto exchanges are in pursuit. A potential drop in price again may occur for BTC but for now, the coin remains ranked as the 28th leading coin and spots a total market capitalization of $538B. 

2 years ago

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