“Bitcoin Could Fall to $3,000”, Crypto Guru Tone Vays

Bears reign the cryptocurrency markets since early 2018. The price of the most famous crypto in the world - Bitcoin - cannot surge above $6,500. The altcoins also have problems, especially Ethereum, which is going through tough times.

According to historical analogs, almost every year the price of Bitcoin starts to grow in September, after which the BTC hits another record. But this year history does not repeat. Bears are firmly entrenched in the market, and Bitcoin hovers around $6,500.

At the same time, the main altcoin - Ethereum - is trying to get out of the steep peak and gain a foothold above $200. But it is too early to claim success.

NakamotoJedi talked with Tone Vays – the guru of crypto trading – to understand when the bulls will return to the market, and what is the true value of BTC and ETH.

2 years ago

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