Bitcoin Cash Price Reaches 800 USD as Resistance is Eliminated

It is not common for all leading cryptocurrencies to lead the trade market all at once. However, the cash prices of all cryptocurrencies have been surging since the weekend despite the anticipation for them to plummet.

Bitcoin Cash Price is Surging, Leading Currencies are Following the Same Track


Bitcoin has been the leading cryptocurrency in the past 24 hours where there has been an increase in Bitcoin Cash price of 9.01 percent due to Bitcoin’s strong pull. Also, it has increased in the BCH/BTC ratio by 3.75 percent increasing its price to a little bit above 800 USD.  As a result, there were BCH trades equivalent to 575.5 million US Dollars.


The cryptocurrency trading volume has generally surged and this is an indication that Bitcoin cash trading volume will continue to surge as well.


OKEx’s USD Trading pair now produces most of bitcoin’s trading volume is generated by OKEX’s USDT pair as of right now. And, it is ranked first place over Bitfinex’s USD market and Binance’s USDT pair although the difference between them is not great.  


Although the cryptocurrency market is unstable and the Bitcoin Cash price’s surge in the past 24 hours might be temporary, this might seem very interesting for the cryptocurrency venturer. And, seems that cryptocurrencies’’ trading volume will continue to rise.






2 years ago

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