Bitcoin Cash Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

Advocates of BCH are celebrating its one whole year of operations since its “independence” and several new reveals spotted by the community, including new developments, statements, unveilings and parties in the BCH community.

Just the beginning

As reported, over 60K blocks since BCH separated from BTC have been mined on the 1st of August and several BCH enthusiasts have celebrated with many parties on a global scale. As of now, BCH is now the fifth leading digital coin in the world in terms of trading activity and is valued at $734 on the market.

On the 3rd of August, exchange charges with Bitcoin Cash were around $0.2 as opposed to Bitcoin fees at $0.14 with each transaction, massively lower than BTC in price. Several new additions and developments have also occurred within the BCH environment. A certain reveal made recently has drawn closer attention to a double spending relay system that has been installed into Bitcoin Unlimited. Andrew Stone, the chief developer integrated the new code designed to enhance zero-conf trades.

Pixelwallet, a one of a kind app has just seen its launch and BCH enthusiasts may now send any transaction as a picture through encryption. According to the designers and developers of the app, users can now pick any image they desire, encrypt the fees they want to send through into the file and attach a password before sending to the recipient through email and other online methods.


On the 3rd of August, GMO, Japan’s massive internet enterprise celebrated alongside BCH by mining one of their blocks. According to reports, GMO has successfully mined over 600 BCH to this point. BCH has seen its successful mining rates climb over the last few months and BCH advocates anticipated and rejoiced over GMO mining block number 541818 of BCH.

Instacoin, a company specialized in digital currency ATMs has revealed listing additional cryptocurrencies on their service and providing them through their machines. Bitcoin Cash and several other currencies will be introduced by the end of August. In conclusion, BCH fans have reacted more than positively towards the many developments and achievements by the coin over one year ago.

2 years ago

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