Bitcoin Cash Has Broken Up into Two Cryptocurrencies

The long-awaited Bitcoin Cash hard fork has taken place. The two developer camps - Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV - did not reach a consensus on the future of BCH.

What has almost become a semi-annual drama with the Bitcoin Cash network upgrade has reached its apogee. On the evening of November 15, the miners found the last block of a single cryptocurrency - 556,766. Now, due to disagreements between the two opposing development teams, the BCH blockchain has split into two branches.

Bitcoin SV led by Craig Wright is one of them. They wanted to restore the original BTC code and increase the maximum block size from 32 MB to 128MB.

On the other hand, there is the Bitcoin ABC group. It proposed reorganizing transactions in order to increase the block's capacity, as well as, several other changes to the system that would have to resolve the problem with interoperability between coins.

Due to disagreements between the camps, Bitcoin Cash has split into two blockchains. The future of each of them is up to the miners. They must determine which group they support and send the hashrates to the chain.

Miners have already found 130 blocks since the hard fork. For now, Bitcoin ABC is leading by being 53 blocks ahead of its rival.

Among the pools that currently support the Bitcoin ABC blockchain:,, AntPool, ViaBTC. On the side of Bitcoin SV stand: Coingeek, SVPool, Mempool and BMG Pool.

Craig Wright had promised that if the supporters of Bitcoin ABC did not side with him, he would sabotage the blockchain by extracting empty blocks.

1 year ago

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