Bitcoin Breaks Two-Month Record and Climbs Over $8K in Price

On the 24 of July, Bitcoin broke its two-month hold and climbed a bit over $8000, with its highest at $8146. The leading currency’s price has been inconsistent throughout 2018 and dropped to a crippling low of $5755 on the same day last month. Since its lowest, Bitcoin has been slowly making a comeback and climbed over $2000 in price over just one month.


Back on Top

As part of a two-day recovery, Bitcoin is climbing again after its unexpected drop during the weekend. On the 23rd, the coin looked promising on its slow climb to $8000 and jumping past it within 24 hours. 

On the 24th of July, Bitcoin’s trading began at $7717 on the market and had a $200 boost within a couple of hours. Throughout the day, Bitcoin continued climbing and gained a 5 percent jump to a new high since May of $8131.

The coin’s bull run has also revealed a climb from $5M to $12.6M in only four hours on Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The world’s leading cryptocurrency is the only top ten coin to climb in the previous day. 

Cryptocurrency experts are stating that the demand in Bitcoin far exceeds that of any other altcoin and its gains are only promising as they continue to rise. A few experts even expect the coin to climb back to its all-time high of $20000 through a similar bull run from 2017. 

2 years ago

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