Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains are immature, making it impossible to foresee the future, says Apple founding member

Steve Wozniak, one of the founding members of Apple, shared his knowledge about Bitcoin [BTC] and its fundamental innovation, the blockchain innovation, and the way it may influence our lives in the forthcoming years, at Crypto Invest Summit.


Wozniak stated that Bitcoin attracted individuals' consideration in light of the blockchain innovation. This is because of blockchain's outstanding features being distributed and immutable. As per Wozniak, the innovation has turned out to be problematic in the present circumstances.

He additionally included that the principle thought behind blockchain was to have no focal expert regulating it. In addition, Wozniak included that his dreams included heading out to an alternate place in the universe with only Bitcoin.

The founding member of the trillion-dollar company alluded to blockchain as another innovation that is transforming the face of finances and the perspectives of individuals. Wozniak kept on saying, blockchain is still in the early stages and the 

"new things are thrilling and that is a driving and pushing force."

With broad affirmation and adjustment, blockchain at last attracted the consideration of administrations all over the globe and is currently being recognized and controlled. Blockchain, he states, is beginning to stretch out to different industry divisions and individuals are beginning to develop new apps that are transforming the manner in which individuals perceive and use it, from the beginning, which is similar to what the web did during the 1990s.

Wozniak consented to the way that distributed applications or dApps are upsetting some pioneers and are pushing ahead in the blockchain sphere, or, in other words shifting in the way of life. He stated, "I want to see our way of life transform, yet culture opposes change," and after that continued to compare it with the early stages of the web when it had no regulatory organization. So he’s worried this could occur with blockchain too.

At this point, Wozniak compared Ethereum to Apple's Application Store, which is also a platform. Ethereum has comparable functions to that of the App Store as individuals can construct utilization applications on its blockchain.

He finished up stating it is difficult to foresee what Bitcoin or blockchain will or won't move toward becoming later on as it is yet in the early stages.

2 years ago

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