Binance Releases Price-Tracking Beta App

Binance Info is upping its game as a means of coming to a price-tracking service solution through the release of its new application currently in its beta testing phase. Based in Hong Kong, the exchange platform opened up registration to the second test phase of the new Binance Info application through Telegram in an announcement was made on the 1st of August.

The App

Binance Info(BNI) is a price-tracking solution service provider that presents general data on more than one thousand blockchain startups. Similar to CMC, the service includes pricing on standalone coins, total market capitalization, daily average changes and more. CMC released its own version of the app earlier this year.

Revealed in February, BNI presents several chart and graph solutions including information on prices from markets on an entire scale or simply through Binance records on the servers. Each token has its own profile and is consistently updated with news regarding said coin. With the release of BNI’s app, this provides a direct rivalry with CMC’s own.

With the speculative nature that follows any cryptocurrency, the only method in truly measuring a coin’s worth is through the projects price until it climbs to a size and level large enough to compete and sustain itself on the market. Many websites online present detailed reviews and analysis of real-time fluctuations and often the go-to source for such data. CoinMarketCap saw its launch in 2013 and currently boasts one of the highest website visitor records on the entire internet and holds the 512th ranking in popularity among websites.

On the other hand, Binance is the largest and most distinguished digital currency exchange platform on earth, launched in July 2017 and trades daily in volumes of over $1B USD. In the first quarter of this year, Binance revealed a $200M in profit through transactions and listing costs. Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive officer, began expanding the company through European and US markets in 2018 after opening offices in several key locations around the world consider to be hubs for crypto-block tech, including the ever-welcoming Malta.

Value Monitoring

CMC is an organization for the crypto-space. It acts as a reference point for price tracking and is utilized daily by several news publications and agencies around the world for solid news reports and updates. Despite its popularity and the business conducted with several leading companies and individuals in the industry, CMC continues to maintain on its shady nature.

Brandon Chez, the company’s chief executive officer, has never been interviewed or spoken live since the company’s founding and provides statements whenever required. This provides a rather difficult situation for a company and industry dedicated to providing more clarity and trust globally.

While beta-tests occur almost every day within several companies around the world, the BNI beta phase of its app may not be incredible news, although it does highlight the efforts being made by BNI to design, develop and create similar features to its competitor, CMC.

2 years ago

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