Binance Launches Uganda’s First Crypto-Fiat Exchange

Binance, the world’s biggest digital currency exchange, said that they will open the doors of Uganda’s very first fiat-crypto marketplace in a matter of days.

The firm’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao said that his company began planning the Ugandan branch over the summer. As per their statement, their new Ugandan branch will begin to accept UGX withdrawals as well as deposits on Wednesday. The branch said it already began KYC tactics.

In another press statement, the nation’s fiat will only be allowed to trade with BTC in addition to ETH, however additional trading pairs are to be added later.

The BoU warned investors of risks associated with crypto back in spring of 2017, however the nation’s government repeatedly observed interest in BC tech.

Wei Zhou, the CFO of Binance, also mentioned that the firm’s initial fiat-crypto services in Uganda may contribute to a more stable African economy, notably as they aim to provide more innovations to the continent.

New Beginnings

According to previous reports, Binance is planning on opening multiple new exchanges worldwide.

Binance also announced that they will open a fiat-crypto exchange in the nation-state of Liechtenstein, offering CHF and EUR pairs against large cryptos. The time of this launch has yet to be announced.

Last month, Binance also declared that they have been trialling a Singapore-based exchange, which is believed to support the state’s dollar.

Binance has become the world’s biggest crypto exchange by volume, operating all over the world and seeing almost $2 billion of trades to date.

2 years ago

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