Binance CEO Asks Supporters To Assist in Nabbing A Swindler

Changpeng Zhao has requested his twitter followers to assist in identifying a particular fraudster.


The individual has been pretending and posing as the CEO of a Korean digital money exchange. However, Zhao did not disclose if Binance will seek prosecution for the offender for his actions.

Zhao Denies That Purple Is Not Binance’s Color

On the 25th Zhao tweeted and said that it was getting may complaints about a fake website claiming to be South Korea’s Binance. The fraudster shared photos of his business card containing a logo of a fake corporation. The card had the email and name of its chief executive officer.

The Binance CEO observed that the color of the business card was different from that of Binance. Additionally, Zhao described the email in the card as bogus. The CEO claimed that it had no association with their firm. He emphasized the charlatan had malicious intent in his or her actions

Who Was This Impersonator?

The picture shared by the CEO indicates that Shawn Y. Choi is the chief executive officer of the bogus corporation. The person was pretending to act as an officer of the South Korean company. However, the image of the imposter does not reveal much.

Further investigations disclosed that the email address given was associated with a café in Seoul.

The phone numbers linked to the area were also fake. The imposter used dirty tricks to escape culpability for his actions since it was difficult to identify the individual. Evidence is that the fraudster used letter C instead of K which stands for Korea.

In future, Binance should consider improving their systems security to ensure that their data is safe. Besides, the measure will increase investors’ confidence in the corporation.

1 year ago

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