The Biggest Telecom Company in Vietnam Adopting Blockchain

Viettel Business Solutions Co., a division for innovation and development of the biggest telecom operators in Vietnam, Viettel Group, are aiming high as they are adopting blockchain tech in hopes of becoming the top service provider for blockchain-related solutions in Vietnam during the next five years.



Viettel Solutions was created in early October as a way of focusing on information as well as communication tech solutions for the government and the commercial sector. The plan was to also provide guidance in the task of creating a digitized government.

The Leading Blockchain Telecom Company in Vietnam

Ngô Vĩnh Quý, Viettel’s deputy GM, expressed how Viettel is looking forward to being up-to-date with the latest trends in development, which includes blockchain tech, a consistently fast-moving sector. Quý emphasized the fact that the company possesses the needed resources, which ranges from financing to network infrastructures and specialists in the field to learn the technology and deploy it effectively. He expressed how blockchain’s possibilities are endless, so the hardest task for the company will be in correctly choosing the right type of blockchain-based tech for a solution that makes everyday life better. As the technology progresses, the firm aims to build-upon their innovations.

The company has already implemented a blockchain solution that improves managing files in healthcare organizations. It provides an integrated system for all medical frameworks; this includes the MoH, various divisions, patients as well as all other medical entities in the nation. The product is pending authorization from Vietnam's MoH, and will launch once approved.

Asian Telecoms Implementing Blockchain

Other countries in Asia are also joining in on the blockchain trend with implementation in telecommunication networks, a seemingly common approach that many are adopting in the current sector. The biggest telecom organization in South Korea, KT Co., just announced last July, the launch of a commercial network-powered by BC tech, in hopes of making it straightforward and highly safe and efficient. The aim is for clients, either corporations or individuals, to transmit digital data without  any high risk of hacking.

It was also announced last July that 3 leading Chinese telecommunications companies have established a research group for BC developments. The triumvirate stated that their aim is building an application team that can be fully trusted to examine blockchain tech and understand more the various new methods and potential ways to apply it to digital funds, telecom assets, and also to next-level telecom networks.

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