Biggest Sports Fan Network Worldwide Takes on Official Crypto

SportsCastr, a blockchain initiative responsible for the FanChain token officially signed onto a 3-year agreement with FanWide, which aims to assist sports fans in finding community events surrounding local games and matches.


Through the new agreement, FanWide is able to utilize FanChain to give loyal users rewards. Fans will be able to redeem tokens for tickets to matches, purchasing merch, and other sports-related transactions on the company’s platform.

SportsCastr’s Chief Executive Officer Kevin April said that since supporting the coin, FanWide will be a beneficial launchpad to assist expansion efforts beyond SportsCastr.

This agreement will connect FanChain to dedicated fans to produce a route in which FanChain can be accepted as a currency in over 10,000 sports-related pubs and other venues within FanWide’s network.


FanWide aims to  be a network in which fans can communicate all over the world, organize meetings through local sports clubs, and much more.

The organization was created in 2016 and has been a format for fans all over the world through over 700,000 watch gatherings it created. It also founded over 1,000 pro collegiates and teams.

FanChain’s atmosphere and lack of centralization makes it simple for the coin to be embedded into various platforms consisting of teams, social communications, and more.

2 years ago

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