Bidding On Pentagon’s Cloud Contract Worth $10B

On the 26th of July, the Pentagon began its bidding phase on the new cloud computing system, with the contract almost valued at $10B. As a massive new system, dubbed JEDI, it provides a once in a lifetime chance for cloud operating companies that do not usually deal with the DoD.



Announced earlier this year, JEDI is a contract with a winner takes all policy and possible a ten-year contract although the Pentagon did state that the first bid awarded would only last two years.

Despite not having the same controversial reaction as Google’s artificial intelligence contract with the Pentagon dubbed Project Maven, the latest contract has its own outcry. Project Maven was a much smaller and detailed contract specifically to apply the tech to military UAV’s. On the other hand, Jedi is much more vast and is looking to sign on one participant to cover the military’s entire set of branches.

Since then, Google has not made any attempts at renewing the Maven contract despite it originally acting as a trial phase for its successor, JEDI. As of now, Amazon seems to be the prevalent and more promising company in terms of the contract acquisition. Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants are also involved in the bidding. During a previous phase of the contractual process, it seemed like the other companies would collaborate in an unusual partnership against Amazon although the Pentagon will grant the new contract to one company that it deems fit and reliable in handling such a grand-scale contract.

The contract bidding will go until the 17th of September, allowing more to apply and as it seems, a new winner will be announced within the months to come.

2 years ago

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