Bidali Launches Gift Cards For Over 120 Top Brands With ETH

Following a six-month period of quiet activity, Bidali has just announced the release of new Bidali Gift Cards, designed to facilitate incredibly easy cryptocurrency payments at more than 120 of most elite brands in the world including Uber, Apple, Nike, Amazon and many more. With a new cryptocurrency payment platform on the way, Bidali backs payments with Ether and hosts some of the world’s most well-known digital wallets and Metamask included.

Best of the Best

Eric Kryski, Bidali’s chief executive officer stated that the company’s main mission was to design and develop top-tier tools for developers and products that enable easier access to cryptocurrencies while providing many easier solutions to spending, buying and trading digital currencies. By simplifying how crypto is used for everyone, the company hopes more awareness and adoption will spread as a payment method once people realize the simplicity and beneficial potential these coins hold.

Bitcoin, Litecoin and several other cryptocurrencies will be backed by the platform later in 2018. Several decentralized platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges have expressed interest since Bidali launched the primary beta phase test, like Choon, a music streaming platform fueled by blockchain technology.

Bidali is a new player within the cryptocurrency payment industry but has shown constant and quick growth, creativity and potential. Several new Application programming interfaces, software development kits, and additional tools will grant users easy introduction of the tech into applications, websites and more. The platform also aims and redesigning commerce by extending and expanding their services around the globe, connecting customer and vendor through simple and instant means of business.

2 years ago

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