BHC Explores “Pre-Consensus”

On the 19 of July, Amaury Séchet, Bitcoin ABC’s head developer published an article online describing a new method titled “pre-consensus.” Séchet and others like Peter Rizun have acknowledged the potential of a pre-agreement method and its ability to provide blockchain with faster development, shed new light on zero-confirmation transactions and help represent any choices made regarding its principles.

Published Article

Amaury Séchet, released a paper in July titled “On Markets and Pre-Consensus.” His announcement was made through Twitter. In his discussion, Séchet tackles the topic and describes it as a protocol designed to allow participants on a chain set its volume and shape of an upcoming block.

This concept has been brought up several times before. Peter Rizun of Bitcoin Unlimited released his own article on the same topic through Ledger, an academic magazine. In his article, Rizun spoke of the notion and wrote about his speech in during a conference in Japan.

In his article, the lead scientist explained that prior to the company even being launched, the concept was mentioned by Rizun. His paper states that through a joint effort by network users, a decision on what the next block in a chain will look like. As a result, a much more robust transaction broadcast procedure is ensured if a server on the network discovers a block before it's conception, several authentication and verification procedures can be done before it manifests.

A Vital Need

As Séchet has said, developing an operational pre-consensus has been part of BHC's mission since its launch and yet has not developed in anyway whatsoever. He attributes the cause to a difficult 2017 and the currency token craze.

He firmly stresses complete and utter focus on developing the protocol despite several other projects which he claims are valuable themselves. According to him, many will frown on his dedication to pre-consensus development although to give up on or delay its creation is not an option.

Following the article, Craig Wright, the lead scientist at Nchain strictly opposed the idea. He has posted several times on Twitter expressing anger and denial of the idea. Wright is adamant in his opposition, stating that if they want a pre-consensus they would “fork” with no assistance from Nchain. As a response, a huge and heavy debate ensued among followers.

A Reddit page dedicated to Bitcoin saw more than four hundred replies on the discussion and his complete off-stance towards it. Andrew Stone of Bitcoin Unlimited made his very own comment and the highest rated on the thread. In his post, he stated that Craig Wright, while speaking at a conference, said that his own miners would seek out and issue penalties on double spending. He debates complete denial by Wright despite explaining nobody is completely sure of what exactly a prior agreement protocol proposed by Séchet is.


Ryan Charles is another individual with an eye for the protocol explored the topic in his recent video of his. As the creative mind behind, he offered his followers a simple notion on what he believes Séchet’s concept entails. Another published paper, titled under Avalanche, was also published and tackles a one of a kind approach to pre-consensus. The paper was written and published by developers called “Team Rocket”.

Many other’s oppose the notion voiced opinions regarding Séchet's article. Posting to, one user made a post about pre-consensus and comparing its concept to SegWit's distorted of the repressed fundamentals of Nakamoto. The post discussed the plentiful content that a pre-consensus provides despite offering none of them The author has stated that all of it will be changed should we manage to create a primary protocol such as a pre-consensus.

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