Better Safe Than Regret: Which Are The Safe Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies?

Digital moneys can be profitable if shareholders exercise caution while trading. However, there are several threats associated to these cryptocurrencies that investors must know.


Apart from the instability of prices of assets, investors must consider the safety of digital moneys. Bitcoin cryptocurrencies are currently exposed to the threat of hacking.

In this market, companies do not compensate investors if they lose their money after investing. It is therefore, prudent to invest resources in exchanges with a good reputation. Below are some of the safe exchanges and the advice that can assist investors to make the right decisions.


Coinbase is one of the best Bitcoin exchange across the world. The exchange is also secure thus, making it more attractive to potential investors. Some of the features that make it secure for users include phone support practices. The business also stores 98% of client’s money in a cold storage which protects Bitcoin from attacks. The exchange is appropriate for shareholders who want to purchase a lot of Bitcoin.

Coinbase has special devices like margin trading for the big investors that protect their investments. This service is separate from other usual services and easy to use by beginners.

CEX.IO is another digital currency with good reputation in this business. It is secure because clients have never lost money in this platform. It has other security features such as data encryption to safeguard the money of customers.

Kraken Bitcoin enjoys a good reputation in the cryptocurrency business. The customer’s deposits are not connected to the internet. This makes transactions secure and free from hackers.

Ways Of Determining Safe Exchanges

There are several factors that one should consider when selecting an exchange. One of them is the reputation of the exchange. One can seek this information from the market watch dog that ranks them according to their performance on a regular basis.

Digital money business is a risky trade. One can lose the private keys or Bitcoin prices might fall drastically thus, leading to huge losses. This is why individuals must select exchanges with advanced security features.

Reduce Your Exposure And Take The Risks

Choosing a safe exchange is not the only way of reducing risks in cryptocurrency business. There are additional steps that one can take to safeguard assets. An investor should avoid keeping large of crypto assets on an exchange. Besides, use a secure storage system while trading in this market. Always use a hardware wallet if you have a lot of Bitcoin. The investor should also have several backups for the private keys. All these measures will assist in safeguarding investors who are prone to risks in this market.

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