Benson Oak to Invest $100M into Israeli Blockchain Startups

Czech equity firm Benson Oak has announced and unveiled its plans to build and invest into a collected fund of $100 million as part of their contribution to Israeli startups emerging on a blockchain-based agenda.


Benson Oak Ventures, another firm of the Czech investment banking organization, will oversee Israel’s blockchain market and provide their every resource into its management. The company has also stated its full belief in a stronger operational hub for new projects and as a recognized destination for blockchain business.

Robert Cohen, a partner at the firm, expressed his positive attitude towards the country’s innovative individuals, referring to the promising future they offer through expertise and leadership as well as the creative applications of blockchain technology on the market and its trend-setting potential.

Cohen stressed on his dedication to founding new companies and businesses, explaining that the company’s venture-arm will ensure that every aspiring individual and project in the country will receive the proper support and funding required to advance and pull blockchain further up the technological ladder.

More Details Later

The firm has managed to raise a quarter of its intended goal. Additional contributors to the investment fund have not yet been announced or confirmed, although as Benson Oaks sets its eyes on blockchain-tech, the company is pursuing a new approach to its operations within Israel. 

Israel is openly expressive of its blockchain adaptation. The country has established its position on blockchain development and is a welcoming party to further advancements, BC-related businesses and innovative individuals involved. As the technology spreads, Israel continues to follow in pursuit, dedicating research and resources into the blockchain applications on public and governmental services.

2 years ago

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