Ben Delo Becomes Youngest Bitcoin Billionaire in Britain

Ben Delo, founder of Bitmex, a digital currency trading network, who is reported to currently be worth around $3B, has become the youngest Bitcoin billionaire in the UK.

Formerly employed at IBM, Delo is known as one of the few investors and players in the cryptocurrency game to rack in massive profit from the new-era venture, although he and his wife have decided to donate most of the profits from his exchange to the less fortunate.

As a computer science and mathematics graduate from Oxford, Delo worked day and night with his co-found and partner, Samuel Reed, to build Bitmex and ensure the massive success behind it. He even said that he worked almost 20 hours a day to make his current fortune.

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Bitmex struggled financially once it was started, enough to scare away any entrepreneurs with hopes of starting their own crypto exchange. The success behind Bitmex only goes to prove how unpredictable the digital currency world is and how massive profits can be made in the span of a few hours, creating billionaires in a business with a high-risk, high-reward system.

Cryptocurrency trading networks are famous for constantly being victims of hacking attempts and other cyber-attacks, which often proves to be incredibly tedious and can cost exchanges millions, if not billions in profit. On the other hand, these trading platforms are a favorite among cryptocurrency investors and entrepreneurs since a steady and safe network can draw huge profits if unscathed.

Experts believe that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue to produce these “Bitcoin billionaires” as many continue to invest in many exchanges and other projects, like Chris Larsen, a Bitcoin Billionaire worth around $7B as a result of his own investments and business projects.

2 years ago

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