Back Receives $150K Investment from Mark Galant has recently been granted a seed investment of $150,000 by founder of, Mark Galant.

Similar to Instagram, is a social media platform based on digital assets where users can earn anywhere from .5 to .10 US dollars based on each ‘like’ an uploaded photo receives. is a platform designed by The Ambia fund, who are collaborating with Mark Gallant and utilizing his expertise and consultancy to continue making the site an established social media platform accessible to all eager users.

Gallant’s investment in was part of a plan to popularize the platform and advertise it to as many potential users around the world as possible. His own companies, and GAIN Capital, have climbed to a value well over $1B.

Potential Market Revival

Crediting the development team behind, as well as the expanding market for cryptocurrencies, The Ambia Fund believes that its new platform will revive a market which is currently struggling.

Chief Executive Officer Tyler Marx believes that the next market bull run will be based on those who deal with cryptocurrencies and digital platforms on a daily basis. aims to be an easy and user-friendly way of dealing with digital currencies through its simple method of earning these tokens for every ‘like’ received.

Marx also believes that this is a step further in the effort to implement digital assets into everyday life, since a platform like sets a path for an effortless means to earn crypto.

2 years ago

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