Bears Will Stay on BTC Market Until the End of 2018, says Tone Vays

Since the beginning of the year, the bearish trends have dominated the cryptocurrency market. The BTC price fell from a peak value of about $20,000 to $6,500 now. Such dynamics can remain until the end of this year, the crypto trader Tone Vays is sure.

In an interview with NakamotoJedi, a crypto trader with more than 20 years of experience said there is a possibility that the bears will leave the market, but it “melts” with every day.

I still think that it's possible that the bear market will end in late October-early November but it's slowly becoming very unlikely. And if we get to October 1st, it could become very unlikely because I see no end to the bear market as of today, predicts Tone Vays.

There is still a lot of time ahead, and it is not known what can happen. But, most likely the current mood in the market will remain for a long time.

Things can happen between now and the end of October. I mean six weeks is a year in most stocks, six weeks with Bitcoin is like a year in stock. So anything can happen in the next six weeks. But it's looking very unlikely that the bear market is going to end this year, believes Tone Vays.

2 years ago

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