BCH Price Spike: More Exchanges Support Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

More large trading platforms declare support for the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork. The price of cryptocurrency has already exceeded $610.


Late last week, the largest crypto exchanges, among which Binance and Coinbase began backing the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Thanks to this, the BCH price jumped from about $460 on Friday to more than $570 on Monday.

This week even more trading platforms have backed network update. Among them Poloniex and Exrates. A crypto exchange Bitmex even launched a special ForkMonitor. Users can follow the BCH network update with it.

The Bitcoin Cash price instantly responded to such news. And only on November 7, it grew by more than 11% and reached $617, according to Coinmarketcap.

Bitcoin Cash developers conduct a hard fork twice a year to improve the cryptocurrency blockchain. In the past, such upgrades went almost unnoticed. But this time there is no unity among the developers, and they are split into several factions (Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin ABC). Each of them promotes their own improvement. If they fail to achieve a compromise before the hard fork, which will be held on November 15, Bitcoin Cash could split into several cryptocurrencies.

1 year ago

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