BCH and BTC Core Cease Fire, Reach New Level Of Competition

After a long fight between BCH and BTCC, the former decides to stop fighting as the team turns to internal conflicts. A civil war in BCH starts to revolve as the 2 new projects are about to launch: the company is said to release BTC SV (Craig Wright) and BTC ABC (Vitalik) by November 2018. It is feared that the internal feud might have an effect on BCH prices.


CoinDesk tells us that the stakeholders of BCH have already agreed on one goal, which is getting more users excited about the crypto by increasing its blocksize parameter. This will also make more transactions possible. However, after the announcement of BTC ABC by Vitalik, all the technical disagreements among the developers came to the surface, and now there are two sectors within the original team pitting the old against the new.

The main reason some people disagree with BTC ABC is that it is said to defy the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, who is purported to have invented BTC. However, the project is actually aligned with the hard fork they’re planning to launch, so the argument is part emotional, part skeptical by ringleader Vitalik.

On the other side, BTC SV, created by Craig Wright and Coin Geek’s founder, Calvin Ayre, is very different from BTC ABC, launching around the same time. Craig says that the project is moving towards realizing the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, and is completely targeted towards miners. He also mentioned that “others” are trying to make unnecessary changes to the original protocol of the BTC.

Things are not looking good within BCH. However, with the clear division of the people within the corporation, some experts are arguing that we will soon see a whole new competition between BTC SV and BTC ABC as two different entities, making it even harder for Bitcoin Core.

2 years ago

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