BC-Based Distribution Platform Brings Mobile Gaming to New Era

The world of gaming has undergone constant development throughout the years, with 2018 marking the new era of mobile gaming. According to Newzoo forecasts, $138 billion made in the gaming industry this year, $70.3 billion will be made from Mobile games. Looking forward, data analysis predicts the mobile gaming industry will be valued at more than $100 billion.  


Despite growing popularity, gaming developers are forced to utilize the very same options for publishing games that were available since 2012, a year when mobile based games were of the least popular among gamers. Unlike games distributed for consoles and PC’s that rely on platforms such as the PS store, Stream, eShop, and many more, mobile games are limited to the same platform all apps use. Recognizing the potential of this niche gaming space, Sgame Pro plans to bring an exclusive mobile gaming blockchain based distribution platform into the market. The project will reward gamers with a specially designed native token called SGM for participating in games published on the platform allowing gamers the ability to mould the ecosystem.

Vibrant Communities & Curated Content

The success of a game always relies on the support of its community and that community is further enriched by a network from which users can communicate with one another, make new friends, seek advice, and share information and game reviews. In addition, platforms often provide an option to display lists of curated content of which influencers and industry celebs can promote these games regardless of popularity.

Currently, the mobile gaming market makes up one of the largest segments within the greater gaming economy, however none of these key features are available to players. To make things worse, games that are recommended to users fall under the wider umbrella of regular mobile apps and lack the power of influencer credibility as promotions are uniformly anonymous. The platform also lacks social perks or space for community interaction.

In an interview with Cryptovest, Rodolfo Oliveira, Sgame’s CMO, stated that a sense of community helps build the foundation for any successful company. As one of the key pillars for success, creating a user friendly community will encourage gamers to return and participate. He also wants to promote this in the same manner as a software as a service type business structure.  Oliveira also noted that the overall landscape of the gaming industry has evolved to merge mobile, social, and community aspects into one. He wants Sgame to recognize the importance of networking and connecting communities and fans.

The platform will be designed to aid the publishing of games, as well as nurture and network with fans around the globe. One of the first influencer partnerships confirmed is with PewDiePie, a YouTube gaming celeb who agreed to jump on board with Sgame.  

2 years ago

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