Bart Smith Dubs Bitcoin As “The Internet’s Currency”

In a recent interview with CNBC, Bart Smith spoke about cryptocurrencies and how Bitcoin was the unofficial internet currency in this day and age. Susquehanna International’s director of digital asset trade sat down to discuss the incredible potential of Bitcoin.


Bart Smith gained incredible popularity within the industry due to his relentless support of Bitcoin and his constant positive attitude towards the currency. According to him, Bitcoin is the world’s strongest cryptocurrency due to the intense amount of consumer interaction with the digital asset. He states that any user wanting to acquire a digital currency with real-world functions should look to Bitcoin.

During his interview, the bullish Bitcoin enthusiast was asked many questions regarding Bitcoin and its current price as well as the market and how the currency operates on it. As of now, Bitcoin is failing to break past its resistance level and is floating a little above the $6K mark. In light of this, it opted one of the involved parties to state that Bitcoin’s current value price could potentially become its regular status and perhaps provide some stability to the coin’s known volatile nature.

Future of Bitcoin

As it stands, Bitcoin is still suffering from a series of incredibly-damaging virtual heists, as many cryptocurrency exchanges have reported cases of system infiltration and stolen assets. Current fluctuating regulation integrations by US authorities is also playing a factor in the uncertainty of Bitcoins market future.

According to Smith, Bitcoin unwillingly played a major factor in today’s industry and its application to the real world. He stated that investors and participants alike had their interests sparked when Bitcoin emerged and even more excitement came into play after several minor digital currencies were created and eventually climbed to the success rate they hold today.

Furthermore, he added that Bitcoin is usually purchased through fiat currency within the United States, although internationally, Bitcoin is paid for with cryptocurrencies, essentially cementing its status as cryptocurrency’s reserve. Explaining more of its applications, he spoke about the efficiency and security of transferring Bitcoin as opposed to traditional methods of today such as bank transactions and more.

2 years ago

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