The Bank of Mongolia Offers Consent to Issue First Digital Money

Mongolia's biggest cell-phone firm, Mobicom has turned into the nation's initial authorized firm to produce its own computerized money. This is as indicated in a statement by the government-sponsored news channel, Montsame on 28th Sept.


Mobicom's money related department, Mobifinance is currently permitted to offer electronic cash, named "Candy," to financial specialists, the news channel affirms. The officials got the formal authorization at a stately occasion at the Mongolbank's head offices on 28th Sept.

Remarking on the accomplishment, which has been achieved almost half a year after Mongolbank endorsed the official computerized money guidelines. Mobicom's Chief Tatsuya Hamada looked very optimistic on the marvel's innovation that will support the economy for years to come.

"As computerized monetary standards have started to flow, Automatic Teller Machines and credit cards will turn into a relic of the old times,"

the news channel cites Tatsuya Hamada.

As per the policies for computerized cash set by the Mongolbank in early this year, 

"the guidelines characterizes who will take an interest in advanced money framework and how, procedure of getting consent, rights and obligations of clients and specialist organizations."

"It additionally anticipated that it will strengthen advance improvement of FinTech innovation and remittance framework," 

Montsame expressed.

Candy as of now is present in the whole financial system for buyers in Mongolia, who can utilize the computerized money to pay for different products from a wide scope of industries.

2 years ago

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