Bamboo App Will Turn Your Spare Change into Cryptocurrency

Australian news publications have reported the launch of a local-based micro-investment mobile application; Bamboo. Similar to the previously established Raiz Invest and Robinhood; which encourages its users to devote small amounts of money in share portfolios, Bamboo is soon to be launched in the United States and Australia. The application aims to have its users direct their excess small change towards investing in cryptocurrencies; namely, Bitcoin and Ether.


Making Crypto Investing Easy

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, many individuals are seeking to invest in Bitcoin however, they lack easy access in doing so. Bamboo’s co-founder and CEO, Phil George, explained that the application aims to promote and facilitate the process of investing in cryptocurrencies. Peter Hume, Bamboo’s CTO, further elaborated on how user-friendly the platform has been structured. All users would need to begin investing is a smartphone and an active bank account.

Putting Loose Change to Good Use 

Taking a closer look at the platform’s website, users benefit from the automatic investment of remaining change resulting from any digital payment transaction in a cryptocurrency of the user’s choice. The platform also allows for both one-off deposits as well as the scheduled withdrawal of small amounts from the user’s bank account to be invested in cryptocurrencies on a regular basis.

BAM is Bamboo’s native token which can be easily utilized and transacted within the platform’s ecosystem.


2 years ago

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