Baidu Reveals New Blockchain Design and Totem Rewards

As a photo-service based on blockchain technology, Baidu, a China-based search engine, has announced the unveiling of its new blockchain layout and awards to be revealed within two weeks’ time.



Baudi Totem was released in April as a system designed to maintain, protect and hold image rights, much like KODAKone, a system built on blockchain technology to monitor the use of images. 

Totem functions much like KODAKone, logging the exact time a user uploads an image and storing the required information as well as the real identity of the uploader and other corresponding data on its framework.


The AI technology which powers Totem searches the web for invalid or unauthorized copies of an original picture updated to its network, and imposes necessary legal actions against violators.


Company heads have announced their plans to release the platforms reward system and its official layout at an upcoming conference attended by Wu Hailong, Tan Dai, and Zhang Xinyong, three of Baidu’s leading figures.

Future Initiatives


The reward system was designed as a means of drawing in additional users and ensuring equal distribution of equity among the Totem community. As of now, the reward system is implemented into a limited number of features, like uploads. Although the qualifications for further rewards are yet to be revealed, some speculate that incentives may be granted through transactions via an exchange of resources at a later date.


Baidu’s chief architect, Tan Dai, stated that blockchain-tech is ready to revolutionize the world and that its involvement in AI and other related technology is monumental to further advancements.

2 years ago

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