Baidu Releases Guideline For Own 'Blockchain'

The system is set to be rolled in a number of sectors across the board. It will be an addition to Baidu’s already existing applications.

How Baidu’s 'Blockchain' Will Operate

Chinese tech firm Baidu has unveiled its own blockchain white paper. The document by Baidu explains how it's super chain network platform will operate. The document was released by the blockchain lab wing.

The document focuses on the setting up of the super chain network which will be independent. Under the project, developers seek to go commercial with the Baidu cloud blockchain system. This will be an addition to other six apps already in the market. Some of the apps include Treasure Chest, Super Chain and Hubert.

A look at the white paper shows that Baidu’s super chain system is more advanced in comparison to the normal blockchain system. The normal system operates with a top-level software utilization. For Baidu’s system, it operates using more core parallel computing that brings out the best in terms of CPU utilization. The output increases.

Baidu points out that the chain will support other side chains that run parallel. At the base, we have a root chain that supports all chains that will be parallel to each other. The root chain also contains guidelines about the whole network. It offers support for information sharing with every single chain.

Additionally, the Super Chain runs on consensus mechanism that is pluggable. At the core of the technology, the chain permits numerous parallel chains to select their own desired agreement mechanism. We also have a polling system that backs general agreement escalation.

Targeted Sectors

The white paper adds that Baidu will put its energies on implementing the chain in a number of sectors. Food security, modern manufacturing and trading are among the sectors targeted once the system goes live.

Baidu will also have modular services that will have a number of certification requirements, clearing, digital rights and settlements. Additionally, it will also have a supply chain and even games. In a statement released in June, Baidu stated that its system will be focused on lowering energy usage during the mining process.

2 years ago

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