Baidu Launches New Photo App With Native Token

Announcing on the 18th of July, Baidu has released its new blockchain-based photo application titled Totem. Adding to the statement, Totem is currently operational and includes its native token, the Totem Point. Totem is the first blockchain app on the company’s XuperChain framework.



The company has stated that four billion native coins with a yearly rise of about four to five percent as a means of encouraging users of their new photo sharing program to upload authentic content.


As per its authoritative report, token awards will be determined by a set of rules as per the blockchain app. Depending on how many pictures are uploaded by a user and the quality of each picture, a reward will be decided.


As for Totem coin’s, no official statement has been made regarding crypto-fiat trade. The company has stated that Totem coins can possibly transition to other applications in its XuperChain, although a detailed report about the new applications features and practical uses has not been released.


The initial announcement was made earlier this year in April although the company did not include the tokens in their announcement. Baudi explained the new application and how it was a transparent platform as well as a distributed one that essentially creates a protective and traceable chains. These chains protect user rights and assets given their unchangeable nature.



As a user uploads any authentic content on the new app, participating individuals and companies will authenticate and verify each picture to trace and note its origin. As a protective measure, the app then reserves the picture and timestamps vital data to act as evidence should any issues arise concerning copyrights and more.


As an ongoing development, the company is dedicated to the growth of its new system and its protective features and introduce additional digital assets to its chain, including videos and more.

2 years ago

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