Azerbaijan Deploys Blockchain To Enhance Efficiency In Courts and with Public Utilities

Azerbaijan is now courting the innovative system to promote efficiency in its judicial system.


Judicial System Becomes Latest Entrant In Blockchain

Azerbaijan is exploring different areas in which to deploy blockchain technology. The country is in the process of using blockchain and smart contracts in the judicial system and real estate industry.

According to media reports, Osman Gunduz who is the head of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum stated that the use of smart contracts in the targeted areas has attracted a lot of interest. The decision to deploy the innovative technology was reached during a meeting held on Tuesday.

Gunduz stated that smart contracts will also be deployed in areas related to public utilities like water and gas distribution. He pointed out that using smart contracts in the targeted areas will enhance efficiency and transparency. The new technology will at the same time curb cases of fraud. Most importantly, residents will be in full control of these systems.

Over recent months, blockchain has been gaining in popularity in Azerbaijan. The technology is now a driving force behind many innovations.

The country is currently implementing a five-year plan that intends to transform the country’s economy through digital avenues. The plan is being undertaken by the country's central bank in conjunction with efforts from IBM.

In regards to the court system, Gunduz said that the judicial system will become electronic once blockchain technology is integrated. He called for further support in order to realize the ambitious goals the country has set.

2 years ago

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