Australian Digital Money Startup Invites Steve Wozniak to ‘Digital Exchange [Holiday] City’

Wozniak has been invited by an Australian techl start-up to visit the Australian continent. The inventor and tech luminary is expected to visit the nation’s foremost cryptocurrency cities.


Travelbybit invited the US inventor after he showed an interest in traversing the globe using cryptos. Steve Wozniak’s actions were influenced by the desire to use digital money to carry out transactions. Travelbybit enables other commercial entities to accept BTC and assists travellers in moving all over the globe using digital currencies.

The twitter comment significantly assisted individuals in understanding the importance of using digital money to execute transactions. Wozniak’s decision to use digital money shows that the need for these assets is gradually increasing across the globe.

Moreover, most individuals who hold the currency use it to purchase goods instantly. TravelbyBit has an obligation of convincing traders to use digital money in carrying out business transactions.

Additionally, the tweet permits individuals to understand the readiness of traders and customers to adapt to other payment methods. In this case, the use of BTC is cheaper than the traditional cash system. Besides, the approach is secure since nobody  needs to carry any cash.

Agnes City is an excellent case showing how individuals can behave exposed to fresh thoughts. The town has many traders who use devolved disbursement systems like BTC. Several enterprises in this city accept bitcoin for making payments.

Traversing With Cryptos

Research shows that it is expensive to use a travelling card or exchanging currency over the counter when one wants to move around from destination to destination. Each transaction might attract a commission of up to 5%. As a result, most clients are uncomfortable with the high commission charged by various entities.

Bitcoin intends to solve this problem by introducing a worldwide token to decrease middlemen from the exchange process. Therefore, customers will execute transactions at lower charges than in previous times.

Caleb Yeoh suggested that BTC is universally accepted and one can comfortably move with it around the world. Nations should embrace the use of this digital currency for commercial purposes in the future.

Bitcoin Introduces Cashless System Of Making Payments

Bitcoin also eliminates the problem of holding several currencies while travelling all over the world. Sometimes travellers find it difficult to identify the location of ATMs and also get conned by money changers. Additionally, carrying a lot of money may pose a security threat to the traveler.

Going forward, people and businesses should accept digital money to save time and to make transactions safe. If Wozniak accepts the invitation, it could sway many people to accept cryptocurrencies in the future.

2 years ago

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