Augur Launched as Biggest Decentralized Application On Ethereum

During the concluding stages of this year’s World Cup, Augur was launched and the new decentralized application has already broken through to number 1 spot on DappRadar. The application was widely received and its time of launch proved crucial to its user downloads.


Augur is a decentralized application operating on Ethereum. As a betting app, state of the art technology was used to develop Augur prior to its launch to ensure its performance. Although decentralized applications are a newly-emerging occurrence, it’s hard to predict the success of an app before its design and release.

DappRadar stated Augur as first place in its Dapp category and was number five in user downloads and usage within one day of its launch, providing an evident measure of the app's success. 

Cryptokittes, a competing app, only managed to gain 27 Ethereum during its post-launch 24 window, with Augur drawing in almost 1000 Ethereum, skyrocketing the application against any competitors, although technically Augur is third place in terms of decentralized platforms due to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Augurs launch success was expected as any decentralized platform designed to facilitate betting without government interference will attract interested investors and more. However, due to its fairly cheaper trading and betting fees, some may possibly undervalue the platform.


Augurs first 24 hours proved to be a massive achievement for decentralized applications. Apart from racking in double-digit users in just one day, an achievement of its own, it’s easy release is evidence enough although it still has a few quirks to work out.

A few of the problems users have mentioned on internet forums and discussion threads are possibly due to a huge number of users operating at the same time and causing large traffic on the platform. Many have complained about the application disconnecting while using it and other operational errors.

The company’s founder has responded to the complaints and rather abruptly, stating that complaints and messages were not helping the technical issues Augur was experiencing, adding that the company was aware of these issues and addressing them accordingly.

2 years ago

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