Armenia’s Prime Minister Attends Launching of the Mining Farmstead, Stating It Is the Biggest in the Universe

The inaugural function of another mining ranch being publicized as one of the "planet's biggest" was hosted in Yerevan City on the 18th October, as indicated by a statement from an Armenian publication. The Prime Minister and other executive officers were allegedly in participation.


The new mining ranch is supposedly a collaborative endeavor by Armenian Multi Group Corporation, established by oligarch and legislator Gagik Tsarukyan, and questionable global mining company Omnia Technologies.

Tsarukyan is the creator of Tsarukyan Coalition, which is the 2nd largest legislative alliance in the Armenian Legislature, with more than 27% of the votes in the nation's 2017 races; he is additionally allegedly an "important" colleague of previous Armenia’s head of State Robert Kocharyan.

Multi Group has more than 25,000 employees in its different branches, according to an Armenian Publication.

Beside the PM Nikol Pashinyan and Tsarukyan, the occasion is said to have been gone to by various global representatives, with Tsarukyan speaking at the occasion that attracted visitors "from just about forty nations," and also cited by the publication as stating that:

"This is an essential advancement into the improvement of the IT department, particularly as delegates of overseas businesses are intending to have a meeting with the authorities to discover the conceivable outcomes of new and more aggressive ventures in our industries and growing the numbers of participation."

The Publication also states that almost $50 million has been put into the production of the new mining ranch, which presently has 3,000 Bitcoin and Ethereum mining equipment, and intend to have a limit of 120,000 in the coming months.

The statement additionally expresses that "Omnia is the proprietor of the equipment utilized in the farmsteads" which have been acquired from the well-known cloud mining company Genesis Mining. It also asserts that "Omnia furnishes Genesis with mining gear and funds its operations”

This last point is exceptionally questionable since last year, Omnia was blamed for abusing the Genesis trademark and erroneously professing to have a relationship with the prominent company; Genesis has over and over dismissed this relationship, elucidating that Omnia had basically acquired hashpower from the company and was a client, however with no formal association or practical working relationship.

In mid-2018, Omnia was additionally blamed for running a fraudulent business model by safety specialist Chris Kubecka, who comparably highlighted the organization's dishonest assertions to have a real relationship with Genesis.

As already revealed, Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has suggested that all nations in the Eurasian Financial Association (EAEU), as well as Armenia, ought to be a piece of a united crypto-administrative methodology, since of the "solid" and "firm" monetary relations between the coalition's individuals.

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