Apple Blackmailed For BTC Worth £130K by Hacker in London

IT analyst, Kerem Albayrak, age 21, has allegedly attempted to blackmail the ubiquitous U.S. multinational technology company, Apple Inc., requesting funds of £133,000 worth of BTC in addition to £837 worth of vouchers for the iTunes platform. According to court hearings, Albayrak attempted to threaten the company into providing these funds by uploading a YouTube recording of himself gaining access to over 300 million iCloud accounts.


Blackmail Attempt For Crypto Funds

The cyber attacker, currently residing the township of Hornsey in London, was held accountable for his alleged actions at the Westminster Magistrates Courtwhere  he was reportedly charged with the offenses of blackmail and unlawful activity intended towards hindering access to a computer. Upon learning that Albayrak initially requested bitcoin funds amounting to £50,000 and later upped his demands to approximately £130,000 and more than £800 in iTunes vouchers as payment in exchange for not selling hacked data derived from iCloud customers.

The court responded with charging Albayrak with two counts of unlawful activity in addition to charges of blackmail with the grant of unconditional bail prior to an upcoming trial scheduled for November 14 to take place in Southwark.

Upcoming Court Case

Appearing in court wearing a grey suit paired with a blue colored tie and white shirt,  the cyber attacker reportedly didn't issue any pleas during the initial hearing. The prosecutor, Lorna Vincent, stated that Albayrak has been held accountable for relaying information via email to Apple Inc. demanding bitcoin payouts in exchange for halting illegal activity pertaining to stealing iCloud data, as well as, for not resetting said accounts.

2 years ago

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