ApolloX to Provide Shopper and Data Protection

ApolloX, a new blockchain company with an e-commerce market has stated that its rivals, presented in a centralized fashion, are damaging the e-commerce industry through incredibly expensive fees placed on shoppers and conning vendors and merchants within the sector. Its new platform will be launched on the basis of providing the highest of security and protection for both, customers and merchants.

Fighting Monopoly

ApolloX has stated that it plans on handling monopolizing mediums through a new 3-stage platform. The initial block of the platform is a solution designed to ease the construction of e-commerce dApps on any blockchain. The second block will hose standalone online stores and markets designed and developed through the tech and the last block, according to the company, is the entire associated community.

This includes producers, manufacturers, merchants, shoppers, service operators and providers, and much more, including a reward system based on the value offered and provided for those possessing any stakes. According to ApolloX, several dominating companies and industrial individuals has resulted in several significantly harmful complications. The company points to unjust prices, concealing certain costs, manipulation of data and abuse of power by these industrial giants as a means of grabbing the highest amount of profit on their own. To remedy this ongoing trend, ApolloX aims at slashing entire e-commerce costs by at least 40%.

Additionally, the company states that many retailers and sellers are restricted in their ability to expand further for more customers. These “e-tailers” are often forced to conduct businesses through the dominating companies as a means of reaching more buyers, more than often suffering instead of gaining due to the immense fees and charges placed by large companies affecting any profit made. ApolloX states that these smaller businesses suffer due to a lack of information and data regarding buyers, hindering any possible solutions they may have to expand.

A Solution

ApolloX’s decentralized nature is dedicated to handling this situation by utilizing an attribution process granting merchants the ability to track store activity and offer incentives to shoppers and sellers as a result of increasing their widespread reach. As this process continues, it may provide much more cost-efficient marketing and networking as well as drawing in additional shoppers as opposed to spending funds for PPC advertisements and traditional exposure.

The company is adamant about offering solutions to two consistent issues that merchants face all the time. According to the firm, its digital contracts will act as a building component for its payment solution and provide a direct path to automated and decentralized transactions. Additionally, it offers a solution to fight off online scams between shoppers and sellers or vice versa.

With a new protocol, the Deposit Challenge Vote, the company also aims at providing a new solution to any issues that may arise between shopper and customer and provide solid and just means of settlements between both parties. The voting group for each dispute will consist of random community members on the platform and once a voting has been passed, rewards will be handed out to the involved members.

The APXT will be the platforms native token and will provide several uses for each customer. Sellers will be able to utilize the token to list any of their products and place bids on advertisement ranking within online search results and customers can use the token to purchase products and services. A loyalty program will also be available, rewarding long-standing and active customers. A token sale has been planned and any gathered investments will go into the advancement and enhancement of the new platform, form new and vital collaborations and spread recognition and awareness of the platform to more customers.

A secondary phase of the platform will launch this October and the Alpha version will follow a couple of months after. The decentralized market will begin trials next year and aims to become completely decentralized and operational by 2020.

2 years ago

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