Another $ 4 Billion: The Crypto Market Continues to Fall

After the collapse in prices for the cryptocurrency, which erased more than $20 billion of market capitalization, another fall occurred. This time the market capitalization has decreased by another $4 billion.

On November 14, the price of almost all cryptocurrency hit a steep dive. Market capitalization collapsed from $205 billion on November 14 to $176 billion the next day. After that, a fragile recovery began, and capitalization grew to $186 billion by Friday.

But growth did not last long, and within a day capitalization felt by another $4 billion. At the time of publication, it stood on $181.9 billion.

The BTC price at the same time decreased by 0.63% and reached $5,541. Experts believe that this is not the bottom. To be specific, Crypto Dog and Crypto Rand traders think that by the end of the year BTC could cost about $4,800-5,000.

2 years ago

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