Anheuser-Busch InBev Promotes Through Blockchain Campaign

AB InBev, the largest brewer in the world, recently launched its new advertisement through mobiles using blockchain technology and has been seeing positive reactions all around. The companies GB VP, Lucas Herscovici, spoke about the promotion in Cannes this year.

The First

During his statement, the VP said that the company was the first to every release a blockchain-powered advertisement through mobiles. Another company, Kiip, operating out of San Francisco and specializing in cellular advertisement collaborated with AB InBev to work on the new operation before its launch in 2018.


The company had invited several other brewer names and included them in the new program, bringing in Budwesier, Bud Light, Stella Artois and more. Each company was invited to the the initial coin offering at a critical time corresponding with each company’s audience in mind. The company’s new blockchain has provided several benefits, designed to create a live virtual log of information transfers, uploads and purchases made public to every user on the framework.

Lucas explained that now more than ever, the blockchain required a much more transparent setting for digital advertisements. He continues to explain that Kiip’s network will be able to isolate different advertisements in crucial moments through blockchain tech and provide data on a clearer level. Through this method, the company will result in a more robust trust with clients.


Continuing his statement, the VP explained that prior to blockchain, client advertisers depended on several service providers for proper data on marketing. These service providers included developers of advertisement technology and businesses for the required information.

The previous system was very unreliable, as any campaign results could be altered in the event of a problem situation.

AB InBev has already witnessed the many benefits since adopting blockchain tech. The company has seen higher rates of activity and gained more transparency into results as well as a simpler approach at analyzing a project and aiding in its launch. According to him, the data is accessible at all times and completely available. There is no medium and the company believes this method will be the centerpiece of the digital advertising industry.

2 years ago

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