Andreas Brekken’s “Shitcoin” Becomes Lightning Network’s Biggest Node’s Chief Executive Officer, Andreas Brekken, has accumulated enough open channels on the Lightning platform worth a reported $50K, resulting in the majority share of operational nodes on the network.

Node King

As of this week, Brekken owns and controls almost 30 percent of the entire operational node system on Lightning, doubling his nodes to open and operate more than 100 channels.

A startup dedicated to the development of network dubbed Andreas as the “king of nodes”, announcing the given nickname through Twitter, which later saw its post skyrocket upwards on Reddit. Many of the well-known forum’s users have been discussing the new overtake of nodes, suggesting that Brekker may be part of a more elaborate promotional effort. 

A post on Twitter by Brekker, which was later removed, asked his followers about an upcoming review of Lightning Network and its status. Brekker then responded to his own post using another name, stating that a review will be released once he has completed it. The company is notorious for its anti-Bitcoin stance, often down talking initial coin offerings and digital tokens, basing their criticism on poor and misleading promotions by the two involved factors.


Shitcoin is a particular term given to alternative currencies that possess no value. acquires initial coin offering assets to examine them personally before reviewing each cryptocurrency and publishing reports. 

The website’s founder previously told Lightning Network users to sell off their Bitcoins after voicing his negative opinion towards Blockstream, expressing how complicated it made things for users looking to get involved. According to him, the platform requires extensive knowledge and background in several fields related to cryptocurrencies due to the “complex” nature behind payment gateways and Lightning protocol on the network.  

2 years ago

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