Ancient Board Game Gets Blockchain Remaster

As the most distinguished Go player in the world, Lee Sedol is developing a blockchain-based version of the ancient Chinese board game. Sedol is collaborating with Blockchain Inc. to remaster his favorite game into a digital one. 

Lee Sedol

At 12 years old, Lee Sedol became South Korea’s fifth Go player professional and many agree that Lee is the world’s most talented Go player. Lee Sedol and Fan Hui, another player from France, challenged AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence super player created by Google in 2016. Five months before their challenge, both players lost against the machine. The game is a much more sophisticated version of Chess.

Lee released a public announcement of his new game, revealing that a blockchain Go game would be released soon. Titled GoBlock, the game will be designed by Korea’s Blockchain Inc. 

The company was launched as a means of guiding users through the cryptosphere. CoinUs, another company operating under Blockchain Inc., is an online website developing a new offline crypto wallet.

As planned, GoBlock’s launch will allow players from China, Japan, and South Korea to play Go on the platform as part of an international professional environment letting every player compete as they please. Lee Sedol plans to design a beneficial reward system created to support each player as well as fans and sponsors. GoBlock is also incredibly user-friendly and welcoming, with leagues of every rank for newcomers and professionals. 

He believes that blockchain technology will play a major factor in Go’s development and popularity, bringing in players on a global scale to observe changes, advancements, competitions and more.


GoBlock is launching on Ethereum’s framework and operates as a blockchain of its own. The game’s native coin will be released to support all the available features in regards to the game’s reward protocol.

Blockchain is integrating itself into video games and establishing itself within the industry. In June, CryptoZombies launched its own ICO to fund the launch of their own Ethereum-based game, Zombie Battleground and has so far surpassed its initial goal of $250K.

2 years ago

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