American Tariffs Rises As Chinese Mining Hardware Manufacturers Fall

The main mining hardware creators like Canaan might be affected by the lately imposed American sanctions on Chinese products. This means that these goods might record low sales in the US market because of the heavy tariffs imposed. 


These reports were revealed by a Hong-Kong’s leading newspaper on October 16. The news was a shock to China which sells most of its electrical products in America.

Specialists believe that these tariffs will adversely affect the main mining hardware manufacturers. The orders were issued by the US trade representative who instructed authorities to implement the strict tariff rules. These tariffs might have been implemented to protect the local businesses in America.

Trump’s Administration Increases Tariffs On Chinese Products.

The Trump regime has increased taxes on almost all Chinese products. One of the products that were targeted was machinery and electrical apparatus from China. The USTR subjected these products that are widely used in the US to a 2.6 percent tariff. Other taxes were introduced in August when Chinese goods attracted a fee of 25 percent. The trend was worrying since China could earn less on all exports to America. This amount was also high since it was almost 30% of the product cost.

All the developers of mining rigs carrying their business in China may suffer because of changing their tariff code. It is because the same information was captured by American trade tax.

SCMP revealed that Canaan and Ebang made an overseas sales amounting to 8.5 and 3.8 percent of their overall revenue.

Bitmain Affected By New Tariffs

Bitmain is one of the corporations that were adversely affected by the new taxes. The information in the prospectus of the company showed that more than 50% of the total revenue last year originated from overseas sales.

Additionally, 94% of the corporation’s entire revenue in 2018 came from mining hardware trades. This is an observation that was made by one of the experts in the industry.

Bitmain experienced many problems when it issued its IPO. The company’s objective was to raise a minimum of $3 billion and a maximum of $18 million in this offer.

Cointelegraph further observed that the hardware manufacturer risked making huge losses in future. This is after the company devoted a substantial amount of resources in Bitcoin currency. The firm’s IPO created a lot of suspicion in the market. This made other participants to stay away because of the fear of making losses.

2 years ago

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