AMD Partners With Blockchain Firms To Develop Best Mining Rigs

AMD has come out to develop efficient rigs after key partnerships with seven firms.


Miners To Have A Range Of Products After AMD Partnerships

It has emerged that AMD has signed a deal with seven firms with the aim of setting up a mining rig meant for all miners. AMD has a reputation as one of the leading chip manufacturer firms.

The decline in prices of major cryptocurrencies witnessed within 2018 has led to poor performance in sectors related to digital currencies. The mining industry is among the hard hit. With a decline in value, mining of cryptocurrencies is no longer profitable. Miners who deploy GPU are among the most effected.

However, the fact remains that mining equipment manufacturers are raking in more revenue than miners. This imbalance motivated AMD to link up with other top blockchain firms to develop an improved mining ring to meet the need of all types of miners.

Reports indicate that AMD sales of mining hardware have declined greatly and it was exploring ways to turn its fortunes around. Over the recent past, AMD has highlighted some of its mining products. Reports indicate that the products will be part of AMD's partnership with the firms.

At the core of the rigs will be the hash rate optimization towards mining activities. Sapphire, ASROCK, ASUS, MSI, Biostar, TUL and Rajintek are the firms that will join AMD.

AMD has listed eight mining products on its website for purchase by clients. All the products vary from one another since they are designed to provide solutions depending on the needs of the buyer. Experts have termed the products as simple to complex mining solutions.

At the moment, AMD has only listed those properties of the mining equipment. However, prices are yet to be listed.

1 year ago

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