Amazon Web Services Announces Manifold-Tech Partnership for Wireless Blockchain

One of the leading companies involved in scalable blockchain foundation, Manifold Technology, has just upgraded its partnership with AWS and is currently and limitedly available on its marketplace. Manifold is now delivering blockchain benefits with incredibly easy development and operation (DevOps.)



Currently, the platform grants customers of AWS what they need to release their blockchain foundations in a faster, simpler and cost-efficient manner like never before. It’s 3G server-less platform hands over a DLC with enhanced validation and to quickly pick up on any attempts at interference. As a result, organizations and developers to efficiently and simply test out prototypes and released blockchain apps and acting as a groundwork for an incredibly easy shift from development to production by utilizing DevOps.

Releasing new applications based on blockchain-technology onto inflexible infrastructures may prove to be incredibly complicated and highly costly. Transitioning to the new Manifold model cuts down heavily on the usual difficulties and costs and easily turns applications towards production.

The platform offers unparalleled efficiency in regards of utility cases that require incredibly high data transactions and the server-less foundation reinforces security and protection by easing the process of merging and vastly cutting down on the threats of attacks associated. For companies wanting to create and released BC-based apps, transitioning to a server-less platform provides a win on both sides through bypassing restrictions related to other solutions.

Manifold’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Finan stated that the company cooperated with many ventures to continuously upgrade their applications and features with validity and tamper-proof services on a blockchain as a means of providing a faithful environment that heavily reduces several complex issues related to application development and operation. He adds that the company was granted a chance to integrate their platform into AWS to deliver its many benefits, including cheaper, faster and easier methods of providing the attributes associated with blockchain.

2 years ago

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