Alibaba and OneConnect is a Leaders in Crypto-Patents

In China, leaders have been identified who have patented the most know-how in the field of blockchain and bitcoin technologies. This cryptocurrency news will be interesting to everyone who is interested in technology and statistics.

The leaders who created the most technological innovations were:

  • 1 place. Alibaba.

  • 2nd place. OneConnect

This is not surprising, because these companies have been striving to be the first all year. Alibaba over the year increased the number of patents to 9,287 pieces. OneConnect has fewer patents (2,850 in total), but this company turned out to be stronger in terms of scale know-how. Some of its projects are successfully used by the Chinese government.

Both companies have so excelled in China that they went public IPO at one time. On November 13, Alibaba placed 500 shares on the Hong Kong SEHK. OneConnect, in turn, sent a request to the SEC to obtain permission to sell 10 million ADS. We also wrote what National Cryptocurrency E-cedi will Appear in Ghana.

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1 year ago

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