AKR Offers Dynamic Fees To Promote Financial Flexibility

The blockchain based startup, ARK, holds a mission statement to offer the latest technology developments for speedy transactions and serving real people with much-needed practical solutions. The company stated that blockchain tech offers great opportunities and is geared towards solving real issues and not just a trick to draw in investors.  

The company has built its entire network around the notion to encourage greater crypto adoption by offering a user-friendly interface for customers. ARK’s team is focused on presenting the emerging technology to consumers through the use of easy products aiming to gradually boost blockchain awareness and improve public knowledge of its possibilities.

One of ARKs classic features includes SmartBridge, allowing its technology to seamlessly interact with other major networks such as Ether or bitcoin. The platform performs ongoing risk management among other software tests to help the mainstream build trust and ease speculations. In general, ARK aims to facilitate blockchain development and mainstream adoption in an easy inviting manner.  

New And Improved Products

ARK is proud of establishing digital wallets for first-time users that are easy to understand and navigate. To boost trust and asset security, the team has utilized Leger Nano hardware in the creation of their digital wallets. A growing concern regarding mass adoption is that it runs the risk of congesting systems and delaying transactions as it aims to satisfy a growing number of users. The ARK team is currently working towards resolving this anticipated issue by becoming among the fastest in the blockchain industry boasting transaction speeds under ten seconds.

The company also boasts the fact that it has maintained protection against future issues associated with scalability. By using SmartBridge technology, ARK explains that it is able to separate nonimportant functions from priority ones, paving the way for scalability whilst keeping operations fast.

Offering Flexibility With Dynamic Fees

ARK is also the first blockchain company that functions on DPos to achieve dynamic fees. In other words, transaction speeds are based on the amount in fees users are happy to agree to. The team is hopeful that this feature will promote flexibility within the ecosystem without taking from the overall user journey. They aim to consistently tweak this feature to maintain progress and accuracy.

For users who really need to access crypto funds instantly, the option to expedite transactions is available by paying higher fees. However, those who are in no rush or wish to maintain a budget, they are offered a solution requiring fewer fees to carry out the same transactions in exchange for a lengthier wait time.

2 years ago

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