AIUR Token Presale Launched For Students and Academics, a firm utilizing artificial intelligence to accelerate academic and industrial research and development, has officially launched its native token pre-sale of AIUR. Students and academic researchers will be able to partake and receive discounts scaling up to 30 percent.


Through the pre-sale, the tokens will fund Project Aiur, one designed to provide researchers with semi-automatic processes to verify and validate any notion related to research and development. Through artificial intelligence and BC technology, any scientific research will be allowed proper validation by scientists and any academic experts involved in research. The project’s purpose is to combat misleading data in regards to science and its development and to provide a solution to the unbearable concessions regarding science and its current verification methods.

Tokens will grant access to several validating services including’s special research tools. Currently, every 20 tokens are valued at almost 80 euro, the minimum limit of purchasing coins and one AIUR token will cost 4 euro. To obtain the discounts offering by the pre-sale, buyers must be part of an academic institute as either students or active researchers. The maximum discount of 30 percent will be active for the initial two weeks after launching and continuously drop every two weeks.

The chief executive officer and partnering founder, Anita Brede, stated that the scientific method of proving anything is riddled with constantly cheap research and modern-day academic investment funding forces researchers of all sorts to focus on the quantity of their research to acquire more funding as opposed to the validity and quality of research. This process is often the leading reason behind the unreliable research. Further adding, she says that a small group of research publishers are in full control and reaping the rewards of proper research for themselves and are negatively impacting proper research quality in general.


Project Aiur aims at providing a better system and relieving dedicated researchers and academics from the current system with no clear direction and forcing facts to be overstated and even jumping to guesses regarding their research results in fear of a cut in funding due to limited quantities of research instead of properly conducted and studied findings.

The CEO went on to explain that through publicly controlled research validation tools, this would provide a chance for dedicated researchers and academics to gain rewards for hard-worked research and studies while ensuring all credit goes to the rightful owners and providing a chance for anyone to rid themselves of the powers at play. She goes on to promote the project, stating that any researcher, scientist or academic on a constant hunt for check and authenticated information will find just that through their service.

2 years ago

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